My Story

Customer Raves

"Jason, Luke Bryan is my favorite, but you're my second favorite!"

– Cindy, Georgia (Haha, This is a huge compliment since I don't even make records)


"Thank you so much for the music, tonight was the best night we had on our vacation."

–  Adam Akins, Georgia (...nothing to do with my music, they got engaged that same night)


"It was sooo amazing, the more I drank the better you sounded"

– Jim Nasium

I play mostly cover songs to tourists on vacation.   It's pretty simple, music is my hobby and I want to have fun when I'm playing, so that's exactly what I strive to do every time I plug in.   I started playing guitar during my college years (GO NOLES!!) and thought playing songs in a bars for tips would be better than working.    It certainly was during those years; I had a freaking blast!!   After college, I struggled to find balance between my love for music and  performing as a "job."   Not too long after college, I made the decision to never play music for the money, only for enjoyment (and hopefully just enough money to satisfy my G.A.S (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.))  

My goal as an musician is to be be the best entertainer I can be and create the most memorable night for the tourists at my shows.   I've received that compliment a few times and it was fulfilling to say the least.    

Playing music has provided me with friendships and experiences for me and my family that I will always treasure, and it's what keeps my love for playing music alive.   Cheers to more great memories!!!